Create a Referral Form

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There is no prescriptive requirements for the contents of a referral form but our users have found that the patient details and Referrers details elements have been considered as necessary. Please remeber to put contact details and fax number on the form  .

You need to consider the clinic/person the referral is for and then the information you require for a referral and finally where to send the form when complete.

To create a form the most economical way is to take an existing form off ICID and modify it to suite your specific requirements. If the form is protected after download i.e. you can only tab between fields, find protect document in your Word menu bars and remove the protection or change it to allow editing. You can then delete elements you do not need and add elements you do.

After completion with the relevant signatures please send the completed paper copy of the Approval Form to the ICID Author, Room 9, Block 24, SDH South, and email an electronic version of the document to the ICID Author. The ICID Author can also help if you have any problems in creating your form.